Pine Dining Room Table

Pine River Edge Table

Pine Dining Room Table

Pine- with a lifespan between 100 to 1000 years and over 125 species this tree is truly magnificent. The famous Methuselah, an ancient Bristlecone Pine 4848 years old, and its 5000 year old senior stand tall displaying strength and grace in the white mountains of Inyo National Forest California. Their exact location is kept secret in order to protect them.

Due to unfortunate circumstances many pine trees do not have the opportunity to grow to their full potential and life-span. Deforestation continues to be a growing concern.

Although it is too late for the trees that have been cut down salvEDGEd is working hard to preserve and protect our remaining forests! Our pinewood is sourced from a local mill, this mill was chosen as it is in close proximity to the beautiful Jack Pine Conservation Estate, a nonprofit association that provides research conservancy and education for Kaladar's Jack Pine Barren Reserve. The chosen Mill is family owned and has enormous respect for the fallen trees.

This pine dining room table featured a river edge running down the centre of it. Each of the metal legs could carry 800 lbs. It was finished with high end ingredients and food grade epoxy.